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ECHO offers you all-ip services through our partner, autphone GmbH.
Can be booked individually or in combination.

Our partner, autphone GmbH, offers you powerful all-ip products that you can rely on 100%. VoIP technology offers unique possibilities. A new dimension of communication opens up for companies and users


Do you already own a SIP-capable telephone system? Then get the most out of it.

With our SIP trunk, you can continue to use your existing telephone infrastructure, even spread over several locations. Thanks to the flexible tariff model, you only pay for what you really need. The SIP trunk from autphone works similarly to an ISDN or PMX telephone connection. A significant difference is that the data to be transmitted is no longer sent and received via an extra telephone line, but via the Internet connection and the associated IP protocol. With this new standard, it is very easy to connect several locations to the telephone connection and thus create redundancy and reliability. The number of required voice channels can be expanded or reduced at any time without having to lay additional cables or install hardware.


Successful and effective collaboration starts with communication. For this purpose, Microsoft has developed the collaboration, communication and video conferencing tool Microsoft Teams. It is deeply integrated into Microsoft's Microsoft 365 and Office 365 products and provides a cloud platform for internal digital communication and collaboration. Every user has access to features such as instant messaging, group chats, news feeds, audio and video online meetings and much more.

Microsoft Teams participants are already used to talking to each other via the Teams client. With aut-teams, you can now also enable your team participants to make calls to the public telephone network (PSTN). You increase the accessibility of your employees without much effort and enable them to reach customers and partners outside the Microsoft Teams environment.


Web conferencing can save you money and time. Travel expenses are eliminated altogether. Web conferencing solutions are significantly more cost-effective than traditional conference calls. Last but not least, you can also hold a web conference at short notice, especially if the time factor plays a role, which is not possible with long journeys.

As a web application, aut-ucc is as easy to use as a website. With just a few clicks, you can schedule a session. You can send session invitations directly from the application. Your session participants only have to click on the session link and they can enter the meeting room. Subscribers without an Internet connection can, for .B, dial into the session via mobile phone.


aut-fax is a digital fax solution that allows you to easily send faxes from your desktop or mobile device. All it takes is an email client. The fax to be sent is written as a PDF and is sent to the e-mail in the attachment. For the confirmation of the fax dispatch, the user receives a sending confirmation directly into the inbox of the e-mail program.

The powerful software brings reliability for sending faxes to the digital IP world. By using T.38 and other common SIP protocols, autphone can achieve the highest fax completion rates and thus compete with the reliability of analog or ISDN telephone connections.


Virtual PBX or IP Centrex systems offer location-independent centrally managed convenience telephony functions. Connected subscribers only need an IP telephone, an IP DECT telephone, a smartphone or, for .B, an ATA (Analog Terminal Adapter) to connect a fax machine. The autphone VoIP system offers companies the opportunity to migrate their existing telephone system into autphone's cloud-based solution. The virtual PBX solution is suitable for companies that have one or more locations and want to benefit from a central system operation in order not to be dependent on local systems.

The autphone solution offers convenient features such as conference calls, group calls, voice mail, interactive voice response (IVR), soft client and CTI integration. An integrated FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) solution guarantees continuous and network-independent accessibility in Wi-Fi, GSM/Mobile and fixed network. The "One Number" concept increases accessibility and improves call distribution between IP phones and soft clients and smartphones.

The PBX features are not only available in the fixed network but also mobile on the soft clients (Android, IOS, Mac and Windows). A renewal of the telephony infrastructure should always bring advantages.

Business communication for high demands

What we can do

Communication via
IP-based connection paths according to general standards and state-of-the-art technology.

What we offer

Performance tailored to you, immediately available and flexibly adaptable at any time if required.

What we do

Unique service with a highly motivated team of employees with many years of experience in the field of communication.

What you get

100% of what you order you will get, without ifs and buts. Service quality at the highest level.

ISDN migration in the final stages

The conversion from existing ISDN connections to All-IP connections is in full swing. This applies not only to private customers, but also to all business customers. While the change is usually not a challenge for private customers, this is a larger undertaking for business customers. The existing telephone systems can often be converted to non-IP based connections and an investment in new hardware may be necessary.

If you do not yet own an IP or SIP-capable telephone system, we will connect an ISDN gateway in front of the telephone system. Thus, you can continue to use the existing communication infrastructure as usual and take advantage of the advantages of VoIP technology.

Get in touch with us. We work out an individual solution with you.

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